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MSJC has a wide range of equipment available depending on what the event requires, from local shows to large national competitions, MSJC can provide quality equipment.

Standard Set on the 'new' MSJC Trailer

The trailer can carry sufficient equipment for one  Grade Grand Prix course or for two pony club or adult riding rings i.e. <= 1.20 metres

Wings / 68-70 steel wings


Rails / Approximately 75. Made up of 8 to 10 sets with 5 or 6 per set and at least one set of 10 for a combination.

Approximately 7 to 10 Practice rails labelled P

Infills, Ladders, planks, infills to match rail sets. Some hanging, some free standing.

Liverpools (Water trays)2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot

Cups Standard, flat, breakaway, double cups for use especially at pony club and adult riding for lower heights i.e. 45 to 60cms

Start and Finish Boards As required

Set of numbers As required. Numbers 1-15 and As, Bs, and Cs.

Flags for Practice fencesAs required

Bells As required

Whiteboard and Stand required

Judging Van/sIf required


Cost:   Truck

First day of Hire                $ 800 
Each subsequent day   $ 300

Transport Fee                    $Quoted 

Timing Gear
Electronic Timing Gear available at $200  per day providing an MSJC approved operator is used.


Championship Equipment

This equipment is used for major events such as Royal Melbourne Show, Equitana, Dressage and Jumping with the Stars and Whittlesea Show and the Melbourne International Three Day Event.

The wings cannot be carried on the truck. The equipment is only available for hire when packed in the club’s container. The container is delivered to the venue.

Cost: Minimum of $1000 for a one day booking.
Approximately $500 per day for each additional day.

Transport $1000 



****Please note $200 per broken rail (either set of equipment)

We always try to liaise with the course designer so that agreement is reached on what equipment will be made available.

Bookings must be made well in advance as there are many users who have regular bookings from year to year.

Bookings below - 


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